Friday, August 29, 2008


What you see is not always what you get. What is photograghed is sometimes much better than what is in real life. And the opposite could be said about both.
Ever use a pattern for something and follow the instructions to the tee and it never looks like the picture? Ever visited a place in a travel brochure and you wonder why they didn't use pictures from a totally different angle?
Have you ever walked the same route day after day and then one day notice something you had never noticed before? Ever walked to a destination that you usually drive and noticed new things like it is blown up or Zoomed in? what you miss when you don't take the time to really look. It's crazy the things you discover when you do that! I think that is why some bloggers share a rock that they find in the driveway that looks like a heart. No matter what you are doing or where you are going if you become less focused on the routine and more mentally focused on the process or each step...your world soon becomes alive and interesting.

Okay, so I catch myself doing this a lot ~ I go about my everyday business, focused on what needs to be done (or focused on other stuff that keeps me from focusing on what needs to be done ...... ), then I take a minute to look around & I notice things I've never noticed before. It makes me think about what I've missed by limiting my view ...and what an impact it would make to my art, my personal life, if I slow down to see everything from a whole other perspective!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Primitive Award

I Love Primitive stuff...Vintage things and it's wonderful to get this award.
I received this unexpected honor from Pammi at gritsgreensandcornbread.
Check out her brand new blog. Thank-you Pammi!
Now to go find the links to some great Prim blogs....

Once an award is received, the rules are as follows:
Put the logo on your blog.
Add a link to the person who awarded you.
Nominate at least seven other blogs.
Add links to those blogs on your blog.
Leave a message for your nominee on their blogs.
My nominees are:

Heidi ***

Erika ***

Joyce ***

Brenda ***

Rosanne ***

Pea ***

BirdyJo ***

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I received this award this week from Elizabeth of LastDoorDownTheHall, which is a super blog to go visit! Thank you so much, Elizabeth!

This award is for blogs you really like to visit. As most of the awards go, you are to nominate seven blogs with their blog links, email them, post this award on your blog with the link going back to the person who awards you the award, and then they nominate or award seven blogs. It has perpetual motion and good feelings.

So, I am awarding these people and their blogs. Their blogs make me feel inspired, bring something new to the worktable or are just fascinating to me.

1. Linda van Vliet, Netherlands
2. Karin Bartimole, NY
3. Tami Bayer, Southern California
4. Marie Patterson, My Little World
5. Brenda Wampler,Texas
6. Ginny Carter, OHIO
7. INKA, Idaho

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Technique Fat Book

Major FAT Book....
I signed up for a Fat book swap...with ArtTecniques yahoo group. This is a Technique Book. I will be doing 120 4x4's of an alcohol ink overlay. It started out to be 50 gals/techniques per book, but the overwhelming response was to have them all in one book with no duplicates. Then it grew to 120. This will be the 'grandaddy' of all fat books for sure...but what a treasure to have a sample of every technique these gals come up with. ...and there are some awesome talent on the list ...alot of published gals, book authors and noted teachers from all over. Can you tell I am excited about this one???lol!! am done with all of mine and it isn't due till!
I will be sure to share pictures when the swap is made!

Monday, August 11, 2008

DAY 20 and 21...and 22

Sarah is back and I am behind a few days....
Sarah's prompt for Day 20 is for us to photocopy some of our past pages and collage them.
Her prompt for Day 23 is to do a self portrait using just our fingers....So I combined these separate projects into one.

Day 21

Her prompt is to doodle a misfit. I'm not a doodler! If I chicken-scratch idlely while on the phone for example, I do boxes, triangles or spider webs...not the looptyloops...know what I mean? So to follow her lead and doodle some loops that we try to find a character was pretty hard for me. So here's my misfit...MissFit. I!

This is it on the Soulful Journal with Sarah as the leader...I will miss the daily prompts, but I have to admit I have a ton of great ideas and this journey has broadened the horizons in what is so liberating about journaling!! Thank-you Sarah for taking the time to do this and will keep in touch and look forward to future installments. Congrats that Joggles found out about this Soul Journaling project and were so impressed that they have asked you to teach online classes for them! How cool it that!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Bird Nest

Weird bird day for me!!
This morning I decided I was late enough sending Melissa at Lazy Day Creations a "bird" creation for her Design Team Gallery.
So I got this Urge to do something using my handemade nests. Just as I started out, a bird hit my studio window. Then there was little pitter-pattering on the deck just outside my door. Weird....I never have birds on this side of the house, but what was going on was a grasshopper fest. Yeah!!! Natural insecticide!!
Then a show came on about the was about the architecs, the design and the construction of the stadium in Beijing. The nickname for one of a kind stadium is THE BIRD NEST!!
So I guess it was my muse, a weird omen or just a big coeinky-dink, but I finished them and wanted to share them before I put them on Etsy.

Here's a neat picture. I know in a few weeks this will be old news and some will be sick of all the coverage...but I can't wait!

The Bird's Nest stadium in Beijing is a work of ART!! It is hailed as the finest arena in the world and the centrepiece of the most expensive Olympics in history and it is full of hidden symbolism.
It's architects also claim it is one of the most environmentally-friendly stadiums in the world, as undersoil geothermal pipes help heat indoor parts of stadium in winter and rainwater is collected and stored in underground cisterns for irrigation and to flush lavatories and the solar features