Sunday, January 27, 2008

Romantic 'Gift Giving Cones'

I have a new favorite blog to visit!
A wonderful and fabulously creative person, Ruth Rae, had a fantastic article in the special publication Quilting Arts Gifts. (Holiday issue Winter 2008)
She described how to create these wonderful fabric and paper Cones.

This is my attempt....Perfect for Valentine's Day or May Day surprises of a gift where the container or vessel holding the gift could serve as the gift itself.

In the article, Ruth presented the directions and example in her own glorious style and I knew immediately that this was a process that I was going to enjoy!

I used pink felt as the interior core and then layered on tea dyed batting, cheesecloth, organza, tulle and silk, vintage girl photos, sheet music and text from vintage books. I stitched pockets to tuck vintage pearls into. The center focal point is a vintage rhinestone flower button and then silk Oliver Twist One-Offs complete the closure down the front.
After pinning all of the layers together, I machine stitched hearts and practiced my free motion embroidery stitching to add even more texture! Fun!!


Inka said...

Oh my gosh ... this is sooo cute!

Gabrielle Madsen said...

This is very beautiful, but even more elegant.

corryna said...

This one is beautiful!