Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I need an Attitude!!!!

Feeling like I could go in 100 directions...I decided I need to sit down and figure out 3 things or projects to do, until I feel it is exhausted and I might have it right. Sometimes I barely get one thing done and I am distracted by some new technique or color or project in general. I'm like a little sponge wanting to soak it all in and try it all before I forget. I need to get an ATTITUDE! I need to define what 'it' is that I want to be challenged by and exhaust it in my own Style.

Robert from the Painter's Keys says...

"To push yourself to higher ground you need an attitude. The attitude is both achievable and hard won. It's possible to be deceived that this attitude is the result of natural causes. Further, it's easy to give credit to what seems to be inborn talent or irregular creative genius. Digging deeper, the better artists often have many "eureka" moments when the way forward is seen to be clearer. Eureka can happen by simply looking at your hands and realizing that you have everything you need to overcome. "Genius," said Thomas Edison, "is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration." Perspiring is part of the attitude. Evolved creators are just as curious about their failures as they are of their successes."

Monday, June 25, 2007



With all the talk about punchinella and where to get it...I had to share what I discovered. Today when my favorite chussy pen went empty, I started to dismantle it for the spring and ring for other projects, but what I liked about the pen was the rubber grippy thing. Well, I rolled it across my stamp pad...then to paper. I think the results look alot like the real deal. I tried it with embossing powders and that's cool too. Thought I would share!!
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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Splash some Paint!!!

I got this sent to me and just had to share. When you feel that your muse is on vacation go and watch this! This is amazing.

You absolutely MUST watch the entire the end!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Keep it Simple!

Some of you may already know about this but for the people who are
just starting to explore the wonderful world of blogs I have a
It can get a little daunting when you've saved over 40 blogs in your
favorites and have to click through them to see who's updated.

Blogarithm to the rescue!!! It's a neat (free)little program that will
track your blogs for you and send you one email each day with a list of all
your blogs that have been updated. From this email you can just click
straight onto the link that is the blog, saving you heaps of searching time!

The link is....


Altered HotWheels

I just added Aileen's Musings blog to my Favorite Blogs section...You just have to see these cool Altered hotwheels that she did at Michael de Meng's class. Go to her blog and scrool down to see the pictures and her story..too cool! She always has something new and different going on and is a delight of a person and fellow Arttechniques artist!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Friday, June 8, 2007

A fun way to blow time!!!

Mr. Picasso Head, a drag-and-drop abstract art creation tool that lets you make your own Picasso-like masterpieces....will drive you to your creative side! FUN FUN!!

NOTE: The gallery is entirely in Flash, so there's no way to right-click and Save-as. After you create your picasso head, click on the print screen button on your keyboard. This saves the image. Then get into your regular paint program and copy/paste onto a new file.

If you find that you've chopped off a signature or other part of your masterpiece, go back to your picasso image and center it on your screen before you 'print screen'.
After you've copied it properly into Paint, you can edit it and save as whatever you like.

Mr Picasso Head is a great program - very cool to use and very sophisticated to join minds with picasso.

If clicking on the banner doesn't's the link:

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Time Flies....

I've been crazy busy and not able to find the time to get over here to blog. Boys are out of school, brandings and cattle drives are done and the cows are out to pasture, yard work and gardens now I have some breather time to get back to creating time. Here's the beginnings of this years garden....