Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I need an Attitude!!!!

Feeling like I could go in 100 directions...I decided I need to sit down and figure out 3 things or projects to do, until I feel it is exhausted and I might have it right. Sometimes I barely get one thing done and I am distracted by some new technique or color or project in general. I'm like a little sponge wanting to soak it all in and try it all before I forget. I need to get an ATTITUDE! I need to define what 'it' is that I want to be challenged by and exhaust it in my own Style.

Robert from the Painter's Keys says...

"To push yourself to higher ground you need an attitude. The attitude is both achievable and hard won. It's possible to be deceived that this attitude is the result of natural causes. Further, it's easy to give credit to what seems to be inborn talent or irregular creative genius. Digging deeper, the better artists often have many "eureka" moments when the way forward is seen to be clearer. Eureka can happen by simply looking at your hands and realizing that you have everything you need to overcome. "Genius," said Thomas Edison, "is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration." Perspiring is part of the attitude. Evolved creators are just as curious about their failures as they are of their successes."

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