Friday, June 8, 2007

A fun way to blow time!!!

Mr. Picasso Head, a drag-and-drop abstract art creation tool that lets you make your own Picasso-like masterpieces....will drive you to your creative side! FUN FUN!!

NOTE: The gallery is entirely in Flash, so there's no way to right-click and Save-as. After you create your picasso head, click on the print screen button on your keyboard. This saves the image. Then get into your regular paint program and copy/paste onto a new file.

If you find that you've chopped off a signature or other part of your masterpiece, go back to your picasso image and center it on your screen before you 'print screen'.
After you've copied it properly into Paint, you can edit it and save as whatever you like.

Mr Picasso Head is a great program - very cool to use and very sophisticated to join minds with picasso.

If clicking on the banner doesn't's the link:

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