Sunday, February 24, 2008

Soldering Fun

Had some time over the long weekend to get all the soldering stuff out and finish up some fun necklace bobbles. Some for everyday wear and a few for this summer in the Americana theme.

The things I have discovered in soldering is the importance of sal ammoniac in tinning or silvering the tips. The other is a gel flux that keeps the flux where you put it....sure keeps the flow going smooth. Speaking of smooth, I have also decided that if a person thinks their soldering is not perfect, so be it! A few bumps and varying thickness here and there gives it a handmade artie look. If you want perfect, go to a jeweler or spain or wherever.

These Americana ones are 1x1 and double sided. I will be putting these on Etsy (cheap) so head over and see.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What If 's????

Mollye from TAGGED me. Here are my 7 What if's...

1. What If I could meet anyone in the world to chat with:

I would love to meet with Nick Cage...or Tim Holtz...and hang out with them in their own working environment, it would be a TON OF FUN.

2. What If I could travel anywhere in the world:

I would take a trip to Ireland. I have a group of 6 adult friends how have traveled here 10 years in a row to spend a week of their 'holiday' and I have always said that if I ever traveled abroad, it would be to see them in Ireland. Cheers!

3. What If I could have one wish granted to benefit all of mankind:

I would instill a conscience in everyone about 'going green' and taking measures to slow down global warming. See my non-art blog....

4. What If I could live in a period other than the present for just 24 hours:

I’d go back to the 1840’s and take my digital camera with me...and 24 hours would Not be enough time!

5. What If I had to become an animal for 24 hours:

I would be an Eagle so I could fly overhead without the danger of other preditors. We live in such a beautiful part of the world and the trip would be fun, however I would want to wait until Spring.

6. What If I could make-over three areas of my body:

I’d take off a few pounds that I have accummulated, well maybe more than a few. I would have lasik surgery and then maybe a new DO...I have had long hair for too long and a flippy carefree style would be great!

7. What If I could bring anyone back to life for 24 hours:

I’d would ask to be with Mom. I'd share this time with her so my son and 2 grandsons could get to know her. We'd visit and catch up on the last twentyfive years....what a wonderful treat that would be!



Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!!

I wish you all a very Happy Valentine's Day.

The ONE World-ONE Heart event has been a huge success! There were 426 blogs involved...that's fantastic!!
I want to thank everyone who participated and I want to give a special thank you to Lisa Oceandreamer from Heart of the Nest and Imagination Cafe for organizing what morphed into a Major Event.... this was a real treat!

This wonderful ONE World-ONE Heart Event was such a gift to us all.
The 14 days of FebruARTy has be a fun adventure in Blog land. I joined on the 1st with my entry and each day tried to visit all the wonderful blogs as they were added to the list. The very best part was meeting all the wonderful people and having an opportunity to peek into their gorgeous blogs.

My stats in 14 days...1330 visitors, 274 prize comments and 45 additional comments on other topics...wonderful fun!

I used the random number generator that Lisa had mentioned on her OWOH blog and my winner is ...

KarenHarveyCox !! Congrats Karen! I have sent you an e-mail and your giftie has already been packed and ready!
Her Blog is... A Scrapbook of Inspiration

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Long day..long winter

A few days back, I mentioned the friggid cattle drive we had bringing the cows home from the Montana side of the ranch to the headquarters in Wyoming. It's almost calving time and the cows are heavy bellied old gals, so the trip is not rushed. We let them trail at their own pace. I thought I would share some pictures...not alot of interest in horseback cowboying this time around...just put the tractor with hay in the lead(my job)and head 'em out!!Over 500 head going 7 miles per hour, 7 degrees and stretched out over 3 miles... glad we don't have much traffic in our neck of the woods.
Thank goodness I remembered my giant thermos of coffee and bag of Somerset Magazines!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

ONE World-ONE Heart Blog Giveaway

Lisa Oceandreamer from Heart of the Nest and Imagination Cafe is having the 2008 One World-One Heart Giveaway to unite friendly bloggers around the world.

Here is my blog give-away for the One World One Heart

ANYONE can Play! EVEN IF you are not participating with a giveaway you can still ENTER to win on the various blogs. The point is to find new blogs, meet new people. Just Click on the comment tab below, leave link to your blog if you have one and tell us where you are from! Winners will be announced Feb 14th!
Click here to see all the bloggers in the One World One Heart