Sunday, March 30, 2008

Construction Zone

(notice I wouldn't let them take my internet satelite away...not til the last minute!)

I finally took some pictures!!

All the framing and wrap on...roof is done, soffit and facia up, gutters a lil later. It's suppose to snow again tonight so we will see if the siding goes up or we head indoors for a some drywall work. Need to get the office cabinets and wood flooring ordered yet...I have been holding off until we see how the wood ceiling stain color looks as I hate it when there are a mix of woods.

The best thing so far that has come from all this construction mess is that when they installed the new french doors to my art studio I had to move a ton of stuff and was forced to reorganize my Space. I put 4 more drwer units in and converted the closet to all shelving and wha-lah...what a big difference it makes. I will have to get some indoor pics taken...can't wait to get back to making some things!!


mary schweitzer said...

It's going to be fabulous when it's done, but I don't envy you the process!

Stacy Alexander said...


Jeri said...

You are going to be so excited once it's all shiny and new! I haven't forgotten you Connie!

Altered Route said...

thanks for the nice comments Mary, Stacy and Jeri. I hate it that I have little time for my blog right now...I will take more pictures and respond to posts, so don't forget about me!

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