Thursday, May 8, 2008


Since I have been playing catch up here on my blog, I wanted to share the neat results of a swap I was in, back in January that was finished in April. It was called the Doors of Discovery in which we created 18 doors that depict our world and the back side to reveal a resolution, a personal challenge, adventure or discovery in our lives for the new year.

Mine is the barn door of course and the back shows my ranchey environment with burlap, real hide/fur, baby calves and a woman horseback...waving. I was trying to say....I may be isolated in my world, but I am trying to reach out and meet new people in the art world and the wonderful ladies at the Creative Underground have been an inspiration and amazingly talented bunch to get to know.
A Great swap and a wonderful book of great Doors!
They have a website and a store full of unique and wonderful things if you would like to check them out.

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What a Surprize!
I missed this while my internet was down last week....but my blog won a "Blog of the Day" Award!! How cool is that!
Thanks Bonnie!

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mary schweitzer said...

Wow, what an ambitious swap! But beautiful results! I live in a creatively isolated area too, thank goodness for online friends!