Monday, May 19, 2008

Cowgirl Assemblage

I just have to share the cool package I got in the mail today!
Jeri from Texas sent me this cool Cowgirl Assemblage in an exchange.
Isn't that miniature rifle cool! Thanks Jeri!

"JERI'S Blog"

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Pam, at
"Blog Cabin Fever"
has a fun challenge on her blog called I LIVE IN MY OWN LITTLE WORLD (and they know me here).
Since I feel isolated and live in my own little world, I felt this was a perfect challenge. We have been under construction since Feb, but I DID just finish re-doing my artroom/studio. It is where I blog and I wanted to share some here goes!

To play we must....In the title space on your own blog write: I Live In My Own Little World Challenge. Then blog photos of where you create your blog (don't forget a pic of your computer) and all your favorite, inspiring places around the house and yard.
You can post anytime between now and Sunday, May 18th.
For more detailed instructions just head over to her blog.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Buffalo" Bill Cody

Lil' Cowboys....
There's a show in town!
Read all about it!

When this lil'cowgirl was 8 or 9 or so...she used to play basketball in the huge loft of Buffalo Bill's barn. The lower level still housed the horse stalls, the tack plus various old farm implements, but the loft was clear of hay and was big enough for a full size court and two hoops. What stands out in my memories were that the barnwood walls were papered with the huge posters of the Wild West Shows. These posters were glorious and I would go from one to the other just like in a museum. Some were in color and some in black and white with names of towns and cities from all over. I'm sure I had no idea of the rich history and how lucky I was to run and play and explore the barn, buildings and home of the famous Bill.
The 'posters' are what inspired the 3 collage canvases below.

A few years later the family turn the homeplace over to the State for restoration and it is now Scouts Rest Ranch State Park, in North Platte, Nebraska. This was the headquarters and resting place for Bill and his family as well as the troupe between all the shows....thus the name.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Row House Swap

Jeri Aaron invited me to participate in her Row House Swap that she has on her cool blog....I'm so glad I did. There are like 33 of us playing, but we only needed to make 11 to swap out. I will post pictures of what I end up doing with them when they arrive.
Go check out the all the great projects she has going on!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Since I have been playing catch up here on my blog, I wanted to share the neat results of a swap I was in, back in January that was finished in April. It was called the Doors of Discovery in which we created 18 doors that depict our world and the back side to reveal a resolution, a personal challenge, adventure or discovery in our lives for the new year.

Mine is the barn door of course and the back shows my ranchey environment with burlap, real hide/fur, baby calves and a woman horseback...waving. I was trying to say....I may be isolated in my world, but I am trying to reach out and meet new people in the art world and the wonderful ladies at the Creative Underground have been an inspiration and amazingly talented bunch to get to know.
A Great swap and a wonderful book of great Doors!
They have a website and a store full of unique and wonderful things if you would like to check them out.

Blog Awards Winner
What a Surprize!
I missed this while my internet was down last week....but my blog won a "Blog of the Day" Award!! How cool is that!
Thanks Bonnie!

Click here to see....


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Lost Time...

Making up for lost time!! I have been 'without' internet for just over a week now. It's kinda like being without electricity or TV....I keep wondering what I am missing out on!

Last Saturday my server started their upgrade of new services that went from being down for 4 being non-functional for 4 days...then the Blizzard came! I must confess that my satelite is mounted on a lean-to particle-board in a makeshift fashion so the house could be resided, but it did work. Then the storm came.

Not sure how long my internet time will last so I am hurrying around trying to read posts and e-mails as well as entering a few things here.

Being under construction is the pits and making appointments for satelite techs to get my satelite relocated and rewired to new locations around the house has been the biggest headache in this whole construction project. Hopefully this week he will show up and bring an end to this.