Monday, October 13, 2008

Potions and Spells

A Potion is any medicinal drink. Witches, as the wise people of the villages, were very knowledgeale about the use of herbs and brewed potions to administer better health....kinda sounds like all the bottled health/sports drinks, don't it?
I found a great tutorial on making real looking Potion Bottles to display around your home at Witches Kitchen by DeadSpider.

A cool picture of Witch Hazel. I never knew what it looked like, so I surprised.

This book cover is eerie,eicky and easy. Wouldn't it make a neat guest book for your Halloween party or a place for all the Trick or Treat pictures?
Here's the link to the easy instructions at...
spell book how-to at Shadow Manor


KathrynAntyr said...

What fabulous photos you have here! Do swing by my blog this Saturday. I have a party favor for you that I think you will love. I designed the especially for this first of three blog parties that I'm participating in this month.

Laume said...

Fun photos today! I'll go check out the potion bottle tutorial, thanks.

Missy said...


Tammy said...

ooooh. Love these photos. Especially the Spell book and lab. Eerily quaint for this time of year.

Debb said...

Thanks for stopping by Ilove the spell book will have to make on.And the cartoon witchs really cute.
love Debb