Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thankyou to my friend,
Diann Scholl
for passing on the Kreativ Blogger award to me! I'm now to pass it on to 5 of my friends who visit me often, leave great comments and who share awesome Creative Stuff on their blogs.
The rules for receiving the award are:
1. the winner may put the logo on their blog
2. put a link to the person who sent ou the award
3. nominate 5 blogs
4. put links to their blogs
5. leave a message for your nominees

I appreciate this award so very much, Diann!
All these ladies deserve this award for their outstanding art and blogs.

Linda - Just My Little Bit
Barbara - WW Creations
Patti - Altered Attic
Brenda - Memories and Treasures
Mary - Working Projects

Thanks again, Diann!
p.s. Don't forget...tomorrow is Monday...the start of "12 Days of Christmas"!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

12 days of Christmas

Aren't Swaps Fun! I was invited to join a group of wonderful gals for a "12 days of Christmas" gift exchange and the fun little packages have been arriving for the last few weeks. Talented artists, gorgeous handmade gifties...eeew, I can't wait!
This swap is based on the 12 days of Christmas and we open one a day, beginning on December 1st, which is this Monday. The true twelve days of Christmas begins the day after Christmas, but we open our goodies early to have more time to enjoy them. I'm Dec 3rd. I'll be posting all the gifts each day to share with you.
This should be Fun!

Also get ready for Tim Holtz's "12 days of Christmas" on his blog. He just announced that he is doing it again!
Last year it was wonderful to check in with him everyday to see step-by-step techniques using his new products and other Ranger products. This Year will be just as wonderful and I am really looking forward to it. He also blesses a lucky winner each day with goodies used in each days techniques, so you never know, you might get lucky! CLICK HERE and head over to his blog.
Monday is going to be a great day!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

I-Beam Collage

I call it an I-Beam because it is shaped like a capital I....hubby says it is a floor joist. When we did our remodel last Spring the carpenter mismeasured and had to cut 1 foot off every joist and was going to toss, I snagged them with the thoughts that they would make great free-standing base for all types of mixed media techniques.
Recycle....and another cool thing, it can be reverseable or viewed from both sides if you choose. And if you don't have any lying around, you can get them at the lumber yard cut to size, if you take a whole beam, at about 2 bucks a foot... much cheaper than canvas.

I also wanted to mention that the barbwire is one of Tim Holtz's Masks and I used the throw-away waste and used it like a stencil.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Art Techniques FAT BOOK

Remember back in August, I told you all about the huge Fat Book Swap?? Where 120 artists create 120 4x4 pages of a special technique with instructions on the back??? Well, it ARRIVED!!
Wow! is all I can say. The time and effort, the wealth of knowledge, skill and inventive creative techniques that everyone put into this project is truely amazing and a beautiful Treasure!
When I knew the pages were on their way, I tried to come up with a way to put them together in book form. I made a left/right/doors type of hard covers that I could use my new Zutter Binder machine....

But when they was WAY too FAT!

Two stacks of 60 was just NOT going to work. So today I made the same style book with 4 stacks of thirty pages that worked perfectly. All I need to do is figure out a creative closure for the front and I will be all done, then I will have a nifty way to store this wonderful FAT BOOK!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Elections Over!!

Voting over...short sleeves and shorts one day, full on blizzard the next!! Can't take a picture or it would be a white out, power lines are down in surrounding counties and here I am...with internet service....unbelievable!!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Heading down the hill to the Favorite Fishing Hole...

A secret place...peaceful and quiet.

Up on the rock face at a certain time of day, appears Chief Catfish!!

Enjoying one of the few Indian Summer Days...before extreme cold hits. We caught a stringer full, some to fry up when we got home and some for the freezer.

And a beautiful sunset to end the day.....