Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Journal - All That I Am

Prompt 3 is All That I Am. I decided to tell how it all got started in my life and why I am drawn to all things artistic, all the different mediums, styles and how the fragments of Who you are or will become are reflected in the art you create.

I added this spread that I call my excuses...we all have them,right? And because this is a journal and not just pictoral art, I added a page to show how the WORD can be art too.


Autumn said...

I love that page "The Art of Word" so cool! I bet that came from an amazing book. You are doing great with your journal. I am so happy for you, Connie. This is good for us girls and you should know that you are an inspiration. So glad you are becoming revived.

Diann said...

Awesome work on your blog! I'm really having fun with my own! Diann

Altered Route said...

Thanks Autumn. I think your jounrnal project is just the medicine I needed and it is so fun to see all the girls into this. That Word page came as a sample paper from an old issue of summerset...wish they still did that.

ANd thanks Diann...it sure is fun when we can do this as a group and share.

Susan said...

Your journal pages are wonderful. I love that "Art of the Word." I'm enjoying working on this project and seeing everyone's work.