Monday, August 16, 2010

Revival page 2

The 2nd Prompt from Autumn of Autumn's Antics on this journal is 'Beautiful Things' and we are asked to make a list of things that are beautiful to you and an excerpt on your choices. The things that we find beauty in vary so greatly from person to person.
Thinking hard on how this relates to my revival back to art, I’ve reflected on my own creative habits and found that Solitude describes the most 'beautiful' ingredient. 'Beautiful' is very visual, but Solitude is a feeling or an environment needed to create beauty in whatever form it comes. Love my ME time.

Writers, Photographers,designers and artists will all tell you that their best work comes from a place of solitude.
My List:
* Live a Creative Life
* Moderate Expectations
* Shake Your Tree
* Do What Inspires
* Breaks Molds
* Put a Lid On All That Noise (Autumn's Blog Music)
* Reach inside Yourself
* Participate

But how can you have Solitude and Participation???

I need inspiration from without to have creation from within. Magezines, books, blogs, forums, street art, and art friends how I Participate. That is why I felt I needed to add a wonderful hanging, made from a friend Joan W from my AAWA group. I have enjoyed it on my studio door for over a year, but it has a new home in this journal to represent the inspiration and the sharing of other gifted art friends through swaps. ThankYou Joan. While it seems contridictory to Solitude, when it comes time to nurturing creativity, I need to Participate...and that's 2 very beautful things.


Autumn said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts on your journaling. These pages are lovely. Your bottom pocket is great. Joan's hangie fit perfectly - awesome birdies! Solitude - yes, that's a rare and beautiful thing to me too. Enjoy it!
~ Autumn

Seth said...

These journal pages are so very beautiful. And your words in this post has me thinking. When it comes to art, I definitely feel that solitude and participation can go together. And for me, that combination works best.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Your journal pages are lovely. Solitude, quiet, peace are all things I craveon a daily basis. I would love to start this process but gotta get my creative juices flowing. Everyone's work is very inspiring! Wishing you all the best. :) Tammy