Friday, September 3, 2010

21 Secrets - Online Workshop

21 Artists :: 21 Art Journaling Secrets :: One Inspiring Playground
All for 59 Bucks!!!

Dirty Footprints Studio is hosting a luscious online workshop for anyone and everyone interested in the art journaling process...this amazing workshop includes 21individual lessons presented by 21 art journalers/artists, and for one low, insanely low price. The absolutely amazing 21 SECRETS goes on sale MONDAY!!!!

3 of the 21 that I look forward too are Sarah Whitmire, who I feel is a friend through her Soul Journaling, is doing Jet Set-Traveling with your journal. Connie Hozvicka, doing Get it Out, Get it Down....and Less Herger, who is doing OLD SKOOL ART: GLAZES 101.
All 21 are going to be great! Click on the above button to check them out and sign in!


Lisa said...

Yay - good luck!! I hope to see you over at the playground!

Emma said...

It's going to be great! I hope you can join us! :)