Thursday, May 3, 2007

Chunky Charm Bracelet

Just finished a fun Chunky Charm Bracelet. Seems like it took forever, but had a ton of fun watching it come together. The Theme is "Altered Artist."
-There are wonderful glass beads that have metalitics and amber swirling dyes much like background papers.
-There are mini ATC's made of shrink art that are stamped and distressed.
-There are spiral wire wrapped charms in amber, gold and silver.
-There are recycled antigued gold rose beads, amber leaf beads and more oddities like fishing swivels.
-There are 4 silver charms...a cup full of paint brushes, a paint brush & palett, scissors and I love 2 scrap and what all artist enjoy...a tea/coffe pot and cup.
-AND the grand finale...a 1x1" mini collage of a 'vintage artist' and text that is soldered. It is made just like the glass microscope slide pendants and are a real challenge to solder. It's listed on ETSY and I will have more soon as I think I am Hooked!

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Anne said...

superbe bracelet !! j'adore !!