Wednesday, May 9, 2007

DIY...New Fav!! Scott Petti

Found a new Favorite artist to watch on tv....Scott Petti!
Tim Holtz will always be a favorite, he has great books and DVDs and once in a while you can catch him on DIY. He has a great product line and shares new stuff on his website. But this new guy, Scott Petti,has a daily show on DIY called SCRAP. He's like the Jessi James of scrapbooking! lol! I guess the reason I like these guys is they just do rustic, prim, nostalgic and maybe even masculine altered art. They make the kind of stuff you can actually display in any girly pastels or retro mod that I have seen!

SCRAP comes on DIY at 3:30 eastern....1:30 here.


1 comment:

kecia said...

thanks for the review, i will have to check him out!