Tuesday, May 8, 2007


ACEO ~ Art Cards Editions and Originals - is a group of people over at Ebay Forums that are always coming up with great challenges. We're going to have an ACEO Doodle Art Competition in June. Do You Doodle??? I used to....back in college or when I used to spend lots of time on the phone doing real estate, but I have to admit..I'm Rusty!!! I am now packing a mini tablet of paper with me everywhere I go..to the bus, dentist office, rides to town, even here at the putor. I am really going to TRY and loosen up!! Maybe some will be good enough to picture here...we will see..lol!

I did try my hand at making some altered doodad 'Shards' for some of my upcoming projects...it was fun!
These are real easy to make...use polymer clay, rubber stamp them, bake,paint with metalics or any color and then antique. They have little holes that you can't see for attaching them to paper pages with brads or for jewelry...they can be page titles, glued to collages, added to altered bracelets/neclaces or anything altered...endless, as I am finding out...lol!!!
A couple have torn edges, like paper...I kinda like that look....and the rubber stamp is pressed in, but you can just ink stamp them too....and you don't have to use stamps, anything that will leave a funky imprint will work. I did one tonight for a collage themed "I'm Tired" where I used one of the boys tonka trucks and drove the tires over the clay...lol! Oh...and you can embed stuff in it like rhinstones for some glitz...see, you can go nuts...

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