Thursday, September 6, 2007

Gel Medium Recipe

OK... I live in the boonies and I have this wonderful brother who calls to let me know when he is making a trip to Hobby Lobby so he might pick me up something I might need and save me the 160 mile-one way trip....which in itself is a wonderful gesture...wheww! That was a mouthful! Anyway, the last time I asked him to pick up some gel medium... to which the salesperson said you might want to check with the hospital equip supplier or local pharmacies. ahhh, so are there people out doing their own lab work or needing a membrane for electrophoresis for determining the base sequence of DNA???? All I want is simple art medium stuff!

Today...he got a different helper. She said they no longer carry any of the golden mediums or liquitex because there is a recipe for it on the internet...and everyone is making it themselves. As she walked off she said..just google it!
....So I Did....
Big Mistake! I spent way too much time looking... I actually could have drove the 160 miles BOTH ways and saved the time. If there is a recipe out one is sharing. But I did see the same info on dozens of sites and blogs telling what the various types are and all the good things you can do with them.
This is the condensed version....

Gel medium is the miracle goo of the art world. It’s a glue or a sealer, it creates a matte or shiny surface, it thins acrylic paints and makes them more transparent and it can slow drying time.
And the vary characteristics that make it so wonderful, cause confusion. To keep it simple: A Gel Medium is an acrylic paint 'without' pigment color...just clear with good adhesion.

Gel medium is the basic name and the common brand names are Liquitex, Golden and Dick Blick’s house brand.

There are three textures: thick, thin and medium. That’s where the first problem starts. Thick is also called “heavy,” and “super heavy gel”.
Medium is often called “fluid,” or “soft fluid, or “medium gel” and liquid is also called fluid, self-leveling, “liquid” or just plain watered down medium-medium.

Confused yet?
I use heavy gel when I need a paste or doing transfers, a medium when a lighter glue or paint additive is needed, and a thin for coating collage work, isolating elements that might bleed or deteriorate or have a high-acid content which interferes with the archival qualities. I really like that this product is less likely to ripple papers when glued and works great for photo transfers when you get the hang of it.

So now I am off to shop the best shipping rates online...don't want to run out....and if there IS a secret recipe out there...pleeze share! lol!!!
(and Steve...I added pictures so you know that there IS such a thing and I wasn't sending you on a goose chase!)


gem said...

Gel medium is the miracle goo of the art world.

Love that line! and so true ...
Interesting note about the "online recipe" - I will have to (try to) look that one up.

Take care!
~ gem ~

Anonymous said...

is there a recipe????...I live in Scotland...if you can't get it...the I know I won't find it

Altered Route said...

Robyn...i wish there was a recipe,but you can get it were they sell good art supplies. Good luck in Scotland.

Brian Korsedal said...

Any luck finding the recipe? I'd love to have it. What is the number for that art store? I'll call them up.

Teressa Thompson said...

Well I found you in searching for the elusive recipe! LOL At least I'm in good company... oh and BTW - our HL still carries these things.. although they do not always employ people who know what it is... or what you are talking about when you ask. Even when you describe what it is, what it looks like and what it's used for.... or even how much you paid THEM for it last time you bought it there.

However, why would the minimum wage people care about us, the customers, when that person I described above... was the MANAGER. Seriously?!!?

Not that I meant to rant in my comment, but only wanted to say.. do yourself a favor and find those good shipping rates. OH and please share! I'd rather pay shipping than patronize that idiot again.