Monday, September 3, 2007

Halloween Doodads

Had some fun time this Labor Day week-end! Everyone had their own plans and went different directions, so I stayed close to home and made some necklace pieces that later will be on Etsy or eBay...not sure yet. I had some sample boards of cool cork linoleum and I popped off the different color chips that are just a little bigger than inches. I thought they would be quick..not...and just the right size for some fun necklaces to be hung by chain, leather or cord. Here's what some of them look like...oh, and I will add a pic of the charms I made for the Halloween charm bracelet swap that I need to get busy!


Mel Seigfried said...

Heh there! How are you? Loving your new stuff!!!!!

Altered Route said...

Hi yourself!! Doing good! Thanks for the nice comment!! Connie