Monday, November 12, 2007

What clears your creative block???

The dreaded block happens....when we least expect the FLU!
A cure for "creative block" for me is to take a small break from whatever my current ART passion is....currently Altered Art. I have several UFO's here (Un-Finished Objects) such as a couple partially naked theme dolls, some boxes to decopage', the assembling of the quilt block swaps, a couple suitcases and 8 pairs of iceskates to think about. Oh, and a large floorcloth all base coated and ready. ( notice they are all Big items that take up precious space.)
Digging through supplies to attempt this will lead me to new projects, I'm sure. Just the elimination of the 1/2 finished stuff can help find more room to work on the future projects that I want to do and help my mind to wind down for more tunnel vision on projects I want to spend more time with....know what i mean? But...I won't touch a thing or Alter Anything until those other projects are done and the creative pallete is clean. Remedy: Starve the passion, Feed the piles of projects!

While this is all going on...I will still be in Hunter-Gatherer mode!
With Altered Art you need a stockpile of emphemera, trinkets and distressable junk, so .....Grab inspiration from weird locations...
Magazines are good. But not the 'usual' favorite magazines. Try Ancestry or Bridal magazines, go to the library and use their copy machine to gather cool clip art of your own. And for fun try "Boutique" catalogs - the ones that carry odd "artsy" type pictures, knick-knacks and such. All magezines are a great source for weird fonts and wordage. For trinkets...go thru your junk drawer. Antique shops have tiny junk grab bags...head to the garage or better yet print out a wish list. All kinds of mini junk like game pieces, jewery, old vintage gift cards and hardware pieces can be gathered from friends and family....sometimes they bring you the perfect off-the wall items!!
For Themes... you can take one inspirational item: a photo, trinket or ephemera piece. Go online and search keywords related to it for great ideas for adding more to it and get a direction to take. History, a historical event or significant link to provenance gives the finished item more value or an interesting write-up in your listings.
For Color...I need to experiment and stretch from the norm, so I get out and look at "real art". If there's no museums or local galleries, thumb through books or go online. The whole objective is...don't be afraid of color in your art-pieces! Be an observer...take notice. Take a walk. Even in winter, you have colorful birds, great sunsets and snow shadows.
I myself, with pressure to create a lot of art in a short period of time, found myself running short of creative fuel. When this happens, it's all about stepping away from the "canvas" and "seeing" what's around me or look to outside influences in theme and color. This recharges me and my output is much improved.
Here's hoping you find out what clears your creative blocks!


Laume said...

For me walking through the neighborhood helps me find odd scenes to inspire me. I live in a very eclectic place. But even in the most bland suburban tract neighborhood there are odd and quirky things. I like to visit upscale shops too, the kind that do elaborate displays, for inspiration.

Altered Route said...

A tourist in your own backyard...adventure hikes...window shopper. aLL GREAT ways to get new inspiration!