Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Where did Fall go???

I know it's almost December and I should be pushing the whole Christmas decorating/shopping mode around here, but geeze, what happened to Fall? It has been crusty, crunchy & blustery cold here for over a week. It snowed about 3 inches before Thanksgiving and hasn't been warm enough for even a slight melt. Hope it's not going to be one of those TUFF winters that we all dread.....

Here's a shrine I did for a Trends Challenge. We were to use a past ATC that we made and make a shrine using a box, sardine can or anything. I had this small old New Haven clock case that was empty and waiting for some altered use and thought I would try it....wasn't brave enought to slap paint on the nice wood though. It's a Mom and Me tribute, hope you like!

PS...I WON!! I received a great gift certificate to Thanks Inka!!


Laume said...

I think it looks nice with the natural wood... er, the wood stain. I have an old clock without a clock in it I've saved for something artsy as well. Don't know what yet.

Altered Route said...

Well there you go...just alter it!!
I've been on the lookout for an old alarm clock with the two dingers on the top that I can gut and add old pics and wings for a 'Time Flys' theme. I just got the word that this shrine won in the challenge at huh!