Friday, December 21, 2007


Honey, it's cold outside! Just the kind of weather we should be getting, so I can't complain. At least we aren't getting the ice-storms and the power outages that others near here are getting.
I would go nuts!
It's been a while since posting...would that be considered 'naughty'?? Hope not.
I've been enjoying all the great blogs out there of people sharing all their collections of Christmas decorations and 'Hand-dids', so I am going to share a couple and maybe I will get more in the Holiday spirit. I can't show projects I have been making for gifts...someone might peek!

These are some fun paper icicles covered on in mica that look pretty realistic, but primitive. The paper comes from the paper coiled rope that comes net wrapped and is like tissue paper thightly twisted. I cut them in different lengths and dip in white glue that gives them almost a translucent look when dried, then I brush with another layer and roll in mica. They are simple and give the tree a vintage look. Below are a few pics to share.

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