Sunday, December 9, 2007

MatchBox Necklaces

Now these are addicting!!
I think they might just fit pretty good in a few stockings!
It was fun embossing in the clay and doing the old finish on them.


paru's_circle said...

some people are gonna be real happy!! cangrats , they are lovely, i thought they were made from metal

Artmom said...

Wow, these are beautiful! Your family and friends will LOVE these! Hope to see some in your etsy shop soon!!

Altered Route said...

Thanks alot for the nice comments! It gives me a boost to get some made for etsy now!

Dawn said...

are these really made from matchboxes? they are so fantastic....absolutely magical x

Altered Route said...

Yes Dawn...the little dinky ones from the grocery store. Great fun to make! Thanks for the comment.

Laume said...

So... the matchbox is still inside the clay? How fun is that! An extra large locket. What a great idea. And it could be done in other mediums as well.

Altered Route said...'s the form. They are great painted and inked or covered in papers. The first one I did was covered with metal tape and embossed...looked like tin. Fun size to wear and they could hold a mini accordian book and pictures or glue in little!

Shauna said...

Gorgeous! So how did you do these? Did you emboss the clay then cover the matchboxes then antique then bake them? Or how? Would you mind sharing a tutorial? They look fantastic!

Altered Route said...

...thanks! I will try to sum up what I did. For one that has the
M, I used black clay. I ran half a package of clay thru the pasta
machine until i had a thin rectangle long enough to go around the
outside of the box. I also cut two ends for the inside drawer and a
third piece the same size that will be cut in half and rolled for the
top of the necklace. Cover the outside box tightly, mend seam on center
back and trim. I used a rubber stamp to emboss word script around the
ouside and the end pieces and top. Out of the rest of the clay make a
monogram or doodad for the front and attach. Attach end parts to drawer
ends(it sticks), plus add the small rolled squares on the outside top,
meld seams and stamp if needed.(this keeps the drawer from sliding
apart when it's worn). Use a needle to make a single hole to one drawer
end and two to three holes on the other and bake. When cooled, paint
the inside drawer gold and drybrush the outside of box. Add beads to
dangle and chain for necklace...surprisingly easy and quick.