Thursday, December 27, 2007

Gearing up for New Years!

I used to hate the lull between Christmas and New Years...the quiet after the storm. But now I love this brief break from family activities, gobs of rich food and the general hurry up, get there or get that done.

I never realized it, but I really do like New Years.

When I was young and pre-21, the closest thing to a full fledge adult party were the trips we made many years in a row to Pasadena for the Rose Parade. First we stopped at the salvation army to pick up an old couch. We arrive well before dark to find a great spot along the route to park our couch, sleeping bags and coolers on the curb. This would save our spot throughout the night. Church & Youth groups from all over S. Calif would come in buses and livestock trucks covered in banners. These would drive the route all night long and you could jump on for a ride up and down the 5 mile party zone all night long. All the great car clubs gathered to 'cruise' and show off...that was a parade in itslf! 12:00 would come, but the party wasn't over till the sun came up. Back at the ol' couch we would bundle up and wait for the best parade ever.

I'm sure things are different now, but back was the best Youth Rally and most memorable way to celebrate the New Year other than the thrill to be 'in' the parade!

p.s. I think Angela Cartwright was 'in'....riding on a Lost in Space float with Will and the others. That would have been around 1971-72'ish I believe...correct me if you see this, Angela.


Dawn said...

This sounds like the best rally ever - love the images x

Shauna said...

That sounds like SUCH a blast! What great memories! I went to many youth rallies but never experienced anything like that! Thanks for sharing your wonderful times!