Sunday, June 29, 2008

Giveaway...100th post

The Mad Tea Party is still going on all weekend as alot of us party goers are still trying to visit everyone on the long click on the link in the next post if you haven't been to the party yet.

I had a few partygoers ask about the photos I used at my party....the Alice and Cheshire Cat is from the 3-D Video game called American McGee's Alice.

The second one is one I had saved years ago in hopes of making a wild rabbit doll with similar eyes. I did about 3 hours of research this morning and I could find nothing about it...I believe it is a childs book and the illustrator is chinese.

Here's another I just had to share...and a little!
Mad Hatter...

Did you know that the fictional character; The Mad Hatter encountered in Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland is based on a real person... or, more specifically,real people?

Hatters (people who made hats) in the 1800's often used mercury to cure felt. They would breathe these fumes (unintentionally) and, over time, the mercury would build up in their system. This, in turn, caused neurological damage and muscular tremors. Eventually they would develop confused speech and even hallucinations and psychotic symptoms. No one really knew mercury was toxic at these times so people just saw this odd trend of hat makers going insane.

The expression "Mad as a Hatter" was a term in use 30 years before Carroll wrote Alice in Wonderland.

If you want to see a real special Mixed Media Artist's work on Alice in Wonderland check out ....
Anne Bachelier

OK...Now go to the next post... and sign up for my Giveaway!!
Everyone can use a few more Distress Inks...right??!


Anonymous said...

Your post was most interesting as I didn't know the story behind the mad hatter! Welcome to the party~I'm late making the rounds but it's an all weekend thing and so I'm bringing everyone who has stayed a Mimosa:)

Melissa Valeriote said...

Back for more! Thanks for the bit o history. Love those wild illustrations!

Brook said...

How awesome! I am such a little literary trivia buff! I shared this with my sons and they are quite impressed! Thanks for sharing the links to the art work! I have to tell niece looks almost exactly like your Alice below. This is going to be the theme of her sweet 16 LOL!

Sharon said...

congratulations on your 100th post!!!


Darcy said...

Congratulations on your 100th blog! I never knew what a blog was until I jouned the Ranger Yahoo group..... Thanks for the info on Lewis Carroll. I knew about the the mad hatters but it was lovely to be reminded. I loved Alice in Wonderland & Thorugh the looking Glass when I was was a child! Being English we grew up with wonderful stories as compulsory reading!

mary said...

Congrats on your 100th posting!!

I was also was brought up to read Alice in wonderland as a child.
in fact it scared the living daylights out of me.

keep up the posting you will be at 200 in no time. !!

Alyce said...

Congrats! Hard to find time to read all the blogs I find. I'll have to find time to add yours to my day.
My name is one letter different than Alice. I was always interested in Alice in Wonderland growing up. It was nice to read about it today.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog! I just took a class on distress inks. How much fun!

cindy said...

How interesting. I always like knowing where certain phrases and terms come from. And yes, one can never have too many inks. LOL. And Happy 100!


Erin Glee said...

Thanks for the education on the history of the term "Mad as a Hatter" and the links, too!

Ina Ftacek said...

Wowzer!!!!! I love your blog went to see Anne Bacheliers blog on your advice I love Alice in wonderland...the mad hatter the bunny alice etc and of course my favorite Chesire first husband nicked named me Chesa because he said I always smiled like the cat..or up to something silly...I would be in Tim Heaven with Ranger distress inks! Hope I am picked to win this awesome giveaway!Thanks for your generosity and offering! I love your blog and belong to ranger group and suzes group. Who doesn"t love Ranger giveaways and products! Simply the best! Ina

Nancy said...

I feel like I just feel down the rabbit hole - great AIW art!
Oh yeah, I'd love to win some distress inks. How nice of you to do a give-away to whoever wins!
Congrats on 100 posts!

paula clare said...

What wonderful art! Congrats on your 100th post! I am getting ready to celebrate my 200th. Isn't it amazing how fast time goes by, especially in blogdom! Thanks for hosting this mad hatters tea party!

Carolyn Miller said...

Would love to be the winner!! Thanks for the give away. : )

Carolyn Miller

rscoach said...

Congrats on your 100th post and for the Alice info - very interesting! I am excited about your give away as I use the distress inks in most of my work both as highlights and for aging vintage things - I bookmarked your blog looking forward to being a regular reader - Reva (los Angeles)

Anonymous said...

What an interesting read on the Mad Hatter! I have never been into Alice in Wonderland much, but this makes it very tempting!
Congrats also on your 100th post and here's to many more!

Gloria K (AAWA)