Sunday, June 8, 2008


Wow...Where does the time go?? Look how long it has been since I posted! I guess it might be that Spring is here and I have a bunch of landscaping to do because of the addition to the house....or....that I have been busy adding Venetian plaster and paint to the interior walls....there's tons too do!

So...the brandings are done and the cows are out to pasture (aren't those two grandsons cute!)and now we are getting HUGE rainstorms. Now don't get me wrong, moisture in agriculture is a good thing...never whine, right? But enough is enough! We have had 2 sunny-no rain days in the last 17 crazy I have been working on the yard in little snippets of time knowing full well that whatever I get done now will be less I have to do when it's too hot and miserable to be out there. In fact I know there is a package out at the mailbox that has my Row House swap in it and I am dying to see them....but both roads up to the house have water running over them, so maybe tomorrow.

I Do reserve my evenings for a bit of blog surfing and art. I'm finishing up a project that I have been working on for Stampington & Company and have the beginnings of a recycle project for Arty Girlz recycle challenge. I have been in a funk when it comes to blogging I will try to make more time to share.

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