Friday, September 19, 2008

Lost and Found....Soul Journal

Soul Journal prompts for Lost and Found....As you go through your day today collect everyday items that can be worked into a collage. Consider everything as possible journal fodder. One of the biggest challenges after collecting a lot of items is deciding which ones to use. I only used 1/4 of what I collected in order to make my story. I also collected affirming comments from fellow Journalers...The Found leaves reflect these and on the Lost page I wrote personal things that I Knowingly have dismissed or plan to lose on this artistic journey. I sure enjoyed these pages and I think it has been my favorite prompt so far.


Mary S Hunt said...


these pages are GORGEOUS!
i love the vintage feel of them
and this mustard color is scrumptious!!!!

i admire your work a LOT

KathrynAntyr said...

Your work is amazing! I feel so honored to be party of this journey with you. I so love what you've done. The best news is you have lots of more stuff collected to pull out and use in future projects.

Thank you for playing!
xoxo k

KathrynAntyr said...

I selected your piece to feature on the Soul Journal Yahoo group homepage. I just love it and know it will inspire the other {soul sisters}.

Again, well done!

Altered Route said...

Thank-you Kathryn...your comments mean alot to me. Yes...I have a bunch of stuff left over....I was tickled to find the vintage business card that was a Search Service for old books, it fit perfect, color and all.
Thanks for putting my Lost& Found up on the home page too...what an honor!
You are doing an awesome job with the group and I am happy to be playing along!

Lee said...

Looks so "olde worlde" is that how you say it?? Whatever, its wonderful!

LaY hOoN said...

Wow ! This is gorgeous ! Love the vintage feel of the page.

Sue said...

Hi - from another Soul Journal person. Your Lost and Found pages are soooooo cool. I just love them and richly deserving to be on the Yahoo Group's home page - well done.
Love your Kelly Rae girl too. I'm doing an online class with Suzi Blu at the moment but Kelly's book is on my shopping list come pay day. Will visit again ... Take care ....

Linda said...

That is lovely. I love the color combination and the composition. Great work.

Susie McMahon said...

Your work is simply lovely.......evocative, enigmatic.

Linda said...

These are truly beautiful pages.
Love Linda