Sunday, June 29, 2008

Giveaway...100th post

The Mad Tea Party is still going on all weekend as alot of us party goers are still trying to visit everyone on the long click on the link in the next post if you haven't been to the party yet.

I had a few partygoers ask about the photos I used at my party....the Alice and Cheshire Cat is from the 3-D Video game called American McGee's Alice.

The second one is one I had saved years ago in hopes of making a wild rabbit doll with similar eyes. I did about 3 hours of research this morning and I could find nothing about it...I believe it is a childs book and the illustrator is chinese.

Here's another I just had to share...and a little!
Mad Hatter...

Did you know that the fictional character; The Mad Hatter encountered in Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland is based on a real person... or, more specifically,real people?

Hatters (people who made hats) in the 1800's often used mercury to cure felt. They would breathe these fumes (unintentionally) and, over time, the mercury would build up in their system. This, in turn, caused neurological damage and muscular tremors. Eventually they would develop confused speech and even hallucinations and psychotic symptoms. No one really knew mercury was toxic at these times so people just saw this odd trend of hat makers going insane.

The expression "Mad as a Hatter" was a term in use 30 years before Carroll wrote Alice in Wonderland.

If you want to see a real special Mixed Media Artist's work on Alice in Wonderland check out ....
Anne Bachelier

OK...Now go to the next post... and sign up for my Giveaway!!
Everyone can use a few more Distress Inks...right??!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy 200!!

Vanessa Valencia from A Fanciful Twist is having a PARTY!!!
Bloggers love parties...and it's always Big Fun when there is a theme and this Party is a Mad Tea Party. She's celebrating 200 posts on her blog...just Double what I have as I just hit 100 with this post.
I will have a little Free Blog Giveaway at the bottom of this post and all you have to do is leave a comment to be entered and I will pick a winner on July 1st!

Now back to the PARTY!!!

Mad Hatter: Tea?
March Hare: [slices a tea cup in half] Just half a cup, if you don't mind.


Mad Hatter: Do you care for tea?
Alice: Why, yes. I'm very fond of tea.
March Hare: If you don't care for tea, you could at least make polite conversation!


Cheshire Cat: All ways here you see, are the QUEEN'S WAYS!
Alice: But I've never met any queen.
Cheshire Cat: You haven't? You haVEN'T? Oh, but you must! She'll be mad about you, simply mad!
Alice: How can I find her?
Cheshire Cat: Well, some go this way, some go that way. But as for me, myself, personally, I prefer the shortcut.


Alice: When I get home I shall write a book about this place... If I ever do get home.
Join the Party by visiting
Vanessa from A Fanciful Twist
There's a long list of other bloggers attending her party...see the list on her blog!

Now for my mini 'giveaway'......just "post a comment" and I will send this off to you on July 1st!! (6 Free Tim Holtz Distress Inks)
I will announce the winner on my blog!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

ATC's and Feedjit Fun

I confess....I don't do breakfast unless it's at a restaurant or for supper. That being said...this ATC is part of a series of "I don't Do___'s".
The toast sits on top of the plate and is textured with a mix of Distress Embossing powders and the greasy aspect of the bacon,sausage and egg tops is Glossy Accents...Ranger Products, of course.
The other three are just to share....

About this Feedjit's the box in the left column...all the way at the bottom. It's a Live Feed of visitors to this blog. I have been having a ton of fun with it and I recommend that you add one to your blog if you haven't already. I have learned so much about where people come from; towns and countries and how they arrived via other websites and how they leave, like what links are of more interest. The most important, it shows search words from google and other search engines. Totally cool...check it out!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I wanted to share some past Americana projects that I sold on Ebay...Show and Tell I made an album with Photobucket. Not everyone goes over to ebay so this is a good way to show my blogging friends. Flag Day Fun!!

I saw this on Youtube, and it blows me away...Watch and you too, can say it has "Elevated" art to a new level!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Great Mail Day!

After a long and quiet week-end of no traffic in and no traffic out, we made our way out to the mailbox today. Our house was like an island as both roads had water flooded over them from the gulleywasher storm we just had. I knew the Row House Swap package was out there and I couldn't wait any longer! I wish the picture was better as these houses are just wonderful little pieces of art! Thank-you to all the wonderful gals who made these and to Jeri Aaron who hosted. They are so different from each other. I have them lined up above my studio window for the picture and I might just leave them there...a row house valance! Thanks again Jeri and everyone who participated in this swap and to all of you who I was lucky enough to get a wonderful piece of your work!

The other package that WoW-ed me was the generous prize from Ranger for the May Challenge at RangerInkLink. The theme was Crackle-Snap-Pop or something like that and I made a Fathers Day box using crackle medium and Crackle Accents. The Prize was all Denim colored cool is that! Thanks RANGER!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Wow...Where does the time go?? Look how long it has been since I posted! I guess it might be that Spring is here and I have a bunch of landscaping to do because of the addition to the house....or....that I have been busy adding Venetian plaster and paint to the interior walls....there's tons too do!

So...the brandings are done and the cows are out to pasture (aren't those two grandsons cute!)and now we are getting HUGE rainstorms. Now don't get me wrong, moisture in agriculture is a good thing...never whine, right? But enough is enough! We have had 2 sunny-no rain days in the last 17 crazy I have been working on the yard in little snippets of time knowing full well that whatever I get done now will be less I have to do when it's too hot and miserable to be out there. In fact I know there is a package out at the mailbox that has my Row House swap in it and I am dying to see them....but both roads up to the house have water running over them, so maybe tomorrow.

I Do reserve my evenings for a bit of blog surfing and art. I'm finishing up a project that I have been working on for Stampington & Company and have the beginnings of a recycle project for Arty Girlz recycle challenge. I have been in a funk when it comes to blogging I will try to make more time to share.