Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Economy and ART

Not so Sure if I Ought To.....

I don't know who to credit for this sweet YouTube, but I found it on Crabby Gabby's Blog.
Heidi creates wonderful ART dolls, is doing all the right things to get them exposed to the public and I would just hate to see her take up golf or something....

quote by Heidi...
"When you create something and no one asks, comments, or bids or buys your stuff, it really does effect ones self esteem."

Heidi girl, I think I can speak for many...That what you do is unique and wonderful!! You are not in this alone and I think many great and gifted women feel the same way. The soft economy and lack of confidence in the government is changing the dollar viewpoints of many, but not the viewpoints of what they consider special art.

No longer are we able to feel accomplished, reassured, inspired or directed in what we are doing with our art by how it is sold and for how much. It's not the TRUE response of the public.

Judging your art's worth or whether there is still an interest in it, cannot be judged by how it sells.

The Art Community as a whole has enjoyed great monitary success in recent years. Finished art in all categories as well as retail merchandise and new product development has seen it's boom days and now with the uncerntainty of the economy, people are just holding back on what they spend their money on. It is no reflection of how they would LIKE to respond to your work. Buyers are just being conservative and cautious with the family's Dollar.
The TRUE reponse to your art will have to be judged in other ways...maybe whether it is selected by a gallery, a shop, a Magazine or perhaps by comments left on your blog or from online art group members... will have to do for now.

Financial Woes should not be our Woes....Art is for the soul.
Who knows what the future has in store for us and being just one generation away from those who told stories of the's my advice.
Do what you love, create what feels good and enjoy the fact that at least WE will be entertained by the skills we have (and the stockpiles of supplies in our studios) when the rest of the world will be scambling for survivor skills to keep from going crazy of boredom.

1938 Always a Market for Dolls

Commissioned Art 1930's

The ArtClass 1937


Seth Apter said...

Very thought provoking post. I agree with you about not defining success based on sales, especially given the state on the economy. As you is for the soul!

idrawpix said...

Thanks for reminding us that ART has to be and we have to create it -- otherwise, it would be a pretty ugly world.

Sharon House said...

Hear, hear... you read my mind... you put into words what I have been doing some serious thinking about lately! It's nice to sell a piece but the joy is in the process!