Sunday, January 18, 2009

Magical Wand

Time Flies! It sure does for me anyway. I start on a project, hunt and dig through supplies, clean an area to work and before you know it, Hours have gone by before you even start.
My AAWA group is having a wand swap and I knew the minute it was announced that my wand had to be magically enhanced so the recipient could feel the powers this little wand would bestow!

It had to have all the elements of time intensive 'detail' that consumes precious time in the studio. Doll making, woodwork, beading, jewelrywork, computor graphics, painting, stamping, fibers and embellishing. This 'TIME' muse would also have to have a stand so that it could be ready at all times, god forbid she'd be put in a drawer!

Everyone just knows that Time Flies when you are busy with your art, so this wand is magical. You just wave it over your project and say, "I will not be Queen of the Last Minute"!


mary schweitzer said...

This is WONDERFUL!! So whimsical and creative! She will look beautiful on someones work table. Great work.

Kathy said...

She is AWESOME! so creative!! be proud to have her on my work table!!

afiori said...

WOW! I bet you can achieve anything with that wand!

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Brenda Seaholm-Wampler said...

I have waited ALL day for you to post this!!! She is AWESOME!! Just, you sure do set the bar high! You are a very talented little lady!
Love the colors and all the sparkles...just beautiful!

Pam Warden Art said...

WOW!! Love the antennae.

Linda East said...

Oh Connie The "Time" muse is awesome..she could never be put in a drawer.
Linda (Okla)