Tuesday, September 7, 2010

#5 My PLAN

Autumn's Prompt for this week is Plan/Repair, to focus on an area of need and ways can you find to repair or solve this problem. Well....hmm. Since I have more than one and this should relate to my Revival, I decided to explain my three A's.
Adapt, Adjust and Apply.
I think I have been doing this all my life really, but I feel it really applies to the way I approach any art project.
So with this spread, I got out the paint and played with some techniques. I will be adding a peach Library card that I will use to list all the things I would like to try....hope there is enough room.


Autumn said...

Your branches and birds are perfect! How clever of you. Great A's! And amazing quotes to get you motivated.
~ Autumn

iHanna said...

Oh, you make such pretty journal pages, love those blue birds. :-)

Sue McGettigan said...

Connie I'm loving all of your journal pages - bravo!!