Wednesday, September 22, 2010

#7 Tribute to Granny

Autumn's Prompt for this week is Memories, but mine is more of a Tribute.

Every summer for a few short weeks since I was old enough to remember, I was blessed to spend valuable precious time with my Crazy Granny. She really wasn't crazy and never minded that we all called her Granny....she loved it, it was just her nature. She was a free spirit and her inspiration for all things creative was multi layered.
I truelly believe of all the influences in my life, my Crazy Granny planted many creating seeds....some I am still discovering.


Autumn said...

To Grandmas! I so loved reading your thoughts/memories about your Granny. How very special for you to be able to add this to your journal, but even more so that you added her influence to your life! AWESOME!

How is the assembly of your book coming along? Are you adding as you go? I'd love to see a shot of your book so far!

The fringe on this spread is so very beautiful!!!! GUSH!!!


Altered Route said...

Thanks Autumn.
I finally found those big 3inch embroiderythread rings at HLobby and I have been putting my finished pages together and already the book is getting quite chubby. I haven't finished the red covers...that's for later.
That ruffle/fringe on my page is tissue from a pattern, which made sense since my Granny never used a pattern...she would see something in the window and just go home and make it herself.
I'll take a pic of the book in progress with next weeks prompt, ok.