Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Soulful Journal Continued.....

(prior 10 Days are in a post below)

DAY 18
Page 5 and 6
Mix up this list!

-Write the Alphabet quick and Angry (use a permanent ink pen)
-Cut out a silhouette of a person’s face, ink or paint over (magazine stencil technique)
-Add a wash of paint in a new color
-Use something unusual as a stamp (like a piece of corrugated cardboard or a sliced green pepper)
-List everything you did today so far. (Include little things like: brushed my teeth and let the dog out)
-Gesso out a section of your work, don’t think about it…just do it. Add something new over it.
-Add something metal
-Add a drybrush of paint in a new color

Sarah is going to New York City until Aug we have alittle homework to keep us busy.
Assignment#1: Write somewhere in your journal about your experiences with Soul Journaling so far. What were your favorite and least favorite prompts? What exercises would you like to do again? What surprises have you encountered? Has this process changed anything for you in your life or in your art making? Has our "Fellow Soul journalers" community influenced the journaling process for you? How?

Assignment#2: Go back and work on your "Taped page". No rules. We will have a show and tell when she gets back!

DAY 17
Page 3 and 4
Mix up this list!

-Fill up the page with numbers (Draw, collage, or stamp)
-Blob acrylic paint in your book and close it (did you know that Frida Kahlo used to do this in her journals?)
-Trace the outline of your hand at least 6 times (Use a permanent ink pen or paint*)
-Add a wash of a new color paint
-Use a crayon somewhere
-Paint with a fork dipped in paint
-Stitch with a needle and thread OR attach something with thread
-Add some meaningful words

Here are my mix of potpourri items.....
Numbers....Hands and stitching??

DAY 16......collage potpourri
Take 6 pages or 3 layouts and add text paper then a layer of Gesso....number the pages 1 thru 6.
We are going to do a fun Journal thing called the Magazine Stencil technique.
First, find an interesting body shape in a magazine and cut it out. Use a paint wash and sponge to stencil it onto the page. Then Sarah gave us a list of things to add...doing them in different order for each page.
Mix up this list!
-Fill the page with descriptive adjectives (Use a permanent ink pen)
-Cut out a silhouette of a person and ink or paint over it (Use the Magazine Stencil technique)
-Add a wash of paint (use a color you haven't used yet)
-Write your grocery list or any other list somewhere (use your non-dominate hand)
-Add tape
-Use pencil somewhere
-Make some quick lines, fast and without thinking
-Drip and splatter at least two different colors of paint
-Dry-brush on some paint (use a color you haven't used yet)

Be messy and have fun. The cool thing about this is you could do this same basic list over and over again and get totally different results each time.
Here's my pages so far...
I felt the body stenciling had a commercial look...graffitic I dedicated the layout to DADA and went with words that describe the DADA movement. I think this was the birth of collage in the artworld and certainly a good description of what art journalism is.

Homework: You will need a plastic fork for tomorrow! ;)

DAY 13 to 15

The project was to make Paper Dolls of the family to put in the House Pocket....
I searched High and Low for photos that had heads large enough to alter onto some figures, but no luck. I did make some copies of family members to slip inside so the pocket is full. You really do need to go to Sarah's blog
to see how cute her dolls turned out....wish I could have done something similar.

Homework: Prep a total of 6 pages or 3 full spreads for tomorrow with random Ephemera or Dictionary pages followed by a dry brushing of Gesso on top.....and you will need a fashiony type magazine for tomorrow....something with people.......and you will need a fashiony type magazine for tomorrow....something with people. Now that might be a problem for me unless Cabela catelogs will work??? lol!

DAY 12

Today we color-up our house pages and I decided to do watercolor wash with one brush and my fingers....also standing up! I'm a bi-focal kind of gal and if I work at arms length I am always surprised at what I see when I am! We live far away from any neighbors, so I had to add Devil's Tower that is just up the road.

I'm late getting this posted as the hubby is using my camera today to take some pics of the grandsons in the hayfield...this is the first summer to get behind the wheel of the tractors...and boy are they excited!
It's sad that as we get older we forget the magic that happens for 'first anythings'.
Maybe that is just a perk of being a grandparent to know that these are the things that 'imprint' and are little acheivements that really are remembered. Parents often think it is the first carnval ride, the first trip to Disneyland...the big things that are e-ticket or cost alot, but it's not. Don't really know where I am going with these thoughts...maybe just that today, working on these house pages has got me to thinking of 'where' the inspiration and the creativity begins. It begins in the home, your soul, and from all the little acheivements that you have piled up in your life over the years. That is why I chose, "Home is where my ART is" for my page.

So glad I took the Journal a-part!! Much better.
Tomorrow we will need some small brads and some type of heavy weight paper like card stock or watercolor paper.

DAY 11

I took my journal apart. I was getting pretty irritated with the paint and inks getting onto the other pages because of the spiral spine. I got brave after Christy, a fellow journaler, mentioned
Michelle Ward’s site
and found her ‘tip/trick’ where she shows you how to add a bit of wire to your metal coil when you put it back together. My book happens to be the same one as she Out those pages come!

Today we are going to collage over some of our drawings of our House and surroundings. ...then come back with permanent marker and define our drawings. No Picture for today....sorry...this is a work in progress.
Tomorrow, we are going to fill this page with color! This can be paint, markers, crayons, colored pencil, etc. Continue working on these pages adding any elements you until tomorrow, happy journaling!


Christy said...

Good for you, being brave. Watch those edges as I keep ripping mine and covering them up :)
Can't wait to see your house/home collage.

Angela said...

That's a great idea!!! I can't wait to see!!!! Gotta also say, thanks for posting that Taco recipe. I love taco's!!!! YUM!

Mary S Hunt said...

I like the sketch for home..
i'll be back

Ruby Claire. said...

OMG this is insanely AWESOME!! INSANELY COOL!!!i LOOVE this!!!!! so gorgeous!

Angela said...

This project is tooo kewl. :) Great work and I love the house! :) Thanks for sharing with us!

Sarah Whitmire said...

I have nominated you for an award.

Jane B. said...

Really like the red barn and the feeling of the country and of space and peace. I agree - home IS where the art is! Thank you for sharing, Jane

Jacky said...

Love your home pages Connie and they really do have a country feel to them.

Thanks so much for the award... lovely surprise!!!

KathrynAntyr said...

I finally have my house done! Swing by for a piece of birthday cake and a cup of coffee.

grrl+dog said...

You go, Grrl! Such prolific fave is the green and orange page, so clear and defined. Will be scoping out the rest of your blog now. Mine looks lke mud, but will get there. It is a blast to see everyone's page, cant wait to see your dolls.

arlene said...

Your pages are VERY cool! I really enjoyed checking them out.. Thanks for sharing!

arlene in alberta

Sandy..... said...

I love your "home" page! I just found sarah's journal challenege today and can't wait to get started on mine!

creative sandwich's lovely proprietors said...


I forgot to mention your stencils ala' DADA. You just floored me with the ingenuity. Fantastic!

xo arlene in alberta

Amy said...

Yaayyy - another country girl! We could be neighbors :D

I've gone back to my house and done some more work and will post it on my blog. I added a red barn and am changing up my house a bit. Check it out and let me know what ya think!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

LOVE your journal pages!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

LOVE your journal pages!

Scrappy Cat said...

I love your pages! Your house is just wonderful. And all the collage pages are great - I love it that you used an elk or deer silhouette (we use what we have, huh?). The collage pages were my favorite in my own journal too.

Christy said...

Day 17: I absolutely love this color combination, the sewing and the bits you used for your sewing... these pages rock!