Thursday, July 24, 2008

I've been seeing this award on a few great blogs and was just thrilled to hear it was sent my way! I want to thank Sarah Whitmire for honoring me with this award. What a sweetie...Thanks!!
The Rules:
Post your award on your blog.
Nominate 7 other blogs.
Post the links of those blogs on your blog.
Leave a message on those blogs so they know they have been nominated.

My nominees are:

...fellow Soul Journalers....
Thank you all for being an inspiration!


Keron Lee said...

thank you so much - it is very kind of you to nominate me. BTW I adore your house page. x Keron

Inka said...

Thank you so much, I feel so honored to be nominated by someone whose art I admire so much!
Inka :)

Jo Wholohan said...

thanks connie!!! im so thrilled to get this award xx JO

Angela said...

Congratulations on the award! :) You are so deserving of it. :)

Sam I Am said...

Congrats on your award :)
Its so fun to go and check out all the people you nominate :)

Any more cattle updates???


Mary S Hunt said...

Thank you and I have to thank Kathryn Antyr as well..she placed me in her group of nominations too...i hope this doesn't mean that i need to put this award out to 14 bloggers
because i am having trouble with just 7
especially since everyone beat me to the soul journal group!

everyone is sharing such great spreads and your spreads are wonderful too
i feel like i say the same thing to each blog i visit
but everyone is so very talented and i am getting inspiration from every ones work
i'll be back for the updates