Friday, August 29, 2008


What you see is not always what you get. What is photograghed is sometimes much better than what is in real life. And the opposite could be said about both.
Ever use a pattern for something and follow the instructions to the tee and it never looks like the picture? Ever visited a place in a travel brochure and you wonder why they didn't use pictures from a totally different angle?
Have you ever walked the same route day after day and then one day notice something you had never noticed before? Ever walked to a destination that you usually drive and noticed new things like it is blown up or Zoomed in? what you miss when you don't take the time to really look. It's crazy the things you discover when you do that! I think that is why some bloggers share a rock that they find in the driveway that looks like a heart. No matter what you are doing or where you are going if you become less focused on the routine and more mentally focused on the process or each step...your world soon becomes alive and interesting.

Okay, so I catch myself doing this a lot ~ I go about my everyday business, focused on what needs to be done (or focused on other stuff that keeps me from focusing on what needs to be done ...... ), then I take a minute to look around & I notice things I've never noticed before. It makes me think about what I've missed by limiting my view ...and what an impact it would make to my art, my personal life, if I slow down to see everything from a whole other perspective!

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Tami Bayer said...

Ah, such a lovely thoughtful post. Thanks for this.