Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Technique Fat Book

Major FAT Book....
I signed up for a Fat book swap...with ArtTecniques yahoo group. This is a Technique Book. I will be doing 120 4x4's of an alcohol ink overlay. It started out to be 50 gals/techniques per book, but the overwhelming response was to have them all in one book with no duplicates. Then it grew to 120. This will be the 'grandaddy' of all fat books for sure...but what a treasure to have a sample of every technique these gals come up with. ...and there are some awesome talent on the list ...alot of published gals, book authors and noted teachers from all over. Can you tell I am excited about this one???lol!! am done with all of mine and it isn't due till!
I will be sure to share pictures when the swap is made!


Sarah said...

oh my goodness, I would lose the will to live after about 20!

but the end result will be priceless

Linda said...

Will the 120 all be original work? I've heard of doing fat books but they are usually 1 original and the rest copies. I can't imagine 120 originals. Whew!!

Altered Route said...

Linda...they are all originals...but then these are technique examples and not embelished and finished. Each 4x4 sample has the instuctions on the backside and is a treasure as a learning tool. If copies were made, you would not see first hand all the textures or luster of different products or see the stitching or layers for example.
Lets say you picked Sta-Flo starch Marbling as your could do huge sheets of paper then cut them into 4x4 pieces and mount them to cardstock w/ instructions.
It really does go faster than you would think!