Monday, February 2, 2009

14 Days Of Valentines

Hosted by Jeri Aaron of An Artful Gathering, who gathered up 14 artful friends to join in the wonderful 14 Days Valentine swap!

Day 1 is from
Susan Tidwell of Artful Musings. Banners are all the rage and I am so happy to receive a Nostalgic Traditional Valentine!! Beautifully done with lots of detail. Thank-you Susan! Head over to her blog if you get the chance.

Today's gift, DAY 2, is from Shelly Rae Wood. A wonderful Valentine Tin! Sweetly done with Valentine quote on love and hearts. Check out this cool way to make a brown bag package...I'm thinking this would be a wonderful way to package up some homemade goodies to send to school for the teachers. (we can do that in these Thank-you Shelly!!

Here's a link for tutorial on bag..

Happy Groundhog Day to everyone...haven't heard the results and not sure I want to. Hoping the weather just lightens up a bit as we are heading into calving season and it sure would be better for everyone if it would not be so extreme.

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ShellyRaeWood said...

So glad you liked it Connie!! I LOVE making those genie bags.....this was my take on personalizing it a bit. I like the fold over topper!! :::Smiles::: I think they would make great teacher bags!! Enjoy!! Shelly