Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 5

Today the Valentine comes from Jean Bennett. First of all, the neat muslin Bag with vintage transfer is wonderful, but wait till you see what was inside....

I had to wait and find out how she made the covers on this lace embossed book. It looks like clay with all that detail and I found out it's Fimo with lace ran through the pasta machine. There are 5 watercolor signatures bound with burgandy mulberry paper and then hand stiched chain style..It is is a wonderful variation of stab binding. Just wonderful craftmanship!!
Thanks Jean!
This is such fun to open a handmade gift every day until Valentine's Day!

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Lisa Gatz said...

Beautiful! Yes, that would be exciting to open a new gift every day. the only time I get that is when I'm on an online shopping spree. :-o